Check out my interview! “How Millennials are Changing the Professional Landscape”

I’m not on Twitter often, so imagine my surprise when the lovely Brittany Alexander, writer for Ladies DC blog, reached out to me via direct message! Her article (below) is a wonderful read and an insightful look into how our generation is looking beyond the regular 9 to 5, work-till-you-die mentality. We’re working to live, not living to work! Here’s an excerpt…

Meanwhile, many companies are worried about the influx of Gen Y – this generation offers new challenges when it comes to retention and promotion.

So, how are ‘Millennials,’ also known as Generation Y, changing the professional landscape in America?

With increased unemployment, millennials are utilizing branding and marketing skills to become entepreneurs, not traditional employees.

Brittany AlexanderCLICK HERE TO READ ON….

Brittany Alexander is a communications professional, digital strategist, and an advocate who prides herself in creating a cycle of change that can be replicated by a younger generation of women. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @britt_tynae

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