Newly Wed and Back In Action!

C&M2015-52What a wonderful couple of months it has been! I bet you noticed the weekly emails stopped and so have my regular Posh specials. I had to take some time to get married so I hope you don’t mind. he he 🙂 I officially became a wife on June 20th in front of an intimate group of friends and family in our home. Simple, classy and so US! We ate, drank and were merry!

After reading countless blogs and “how to’s” about wedding planning, I knew early on in my (albeit short) engagement, that I wanted NO PARTS of all that madness. Here’s how I managed to stay stress free during my engagement right up to my wedding day.

1. Establish a wedding vision and stick to it.

Figuring out your wedding vision is THE most important part of wedding planning in my opinion. Before the budget, the dress or the venue, it’s important to figure out what the heck you want your wedding to LOOK like. It’s YOUR day but if you can’t envision it, how do you expect to plan it? I don’t mean have all the pieces together, just the main idea. Rustic or fairy tale? Themed or classic? Star Wars or Harry Potter? You decide!

2. Decide how you want to FEEL on your wedding day.

I know this sounds crazy, but this really helped me in my decision-making. Do I want to feel relaxed and laid-back? Do I want to feel regal or like a princess? Do I want to TURN UP and let loose the entire time? I decided that I wanted my wedding to be relaxed and laid-back for the most part. I wanted people to mingle, enjoy a little music but still be able to carry on a conversation.

3. It’s OK to listen, but do what YOU want in the end.

Lord knows every one had suggestions and/or advice to give about how our wedding day should go. I understood that the suggestions were coming from a good place and appreciated the input, but ultimately I had to make the decisions in order to protect my beloved vision. Here’s a great post about dealing with opinions about your wedding… click here.

4. There comes a point where you just have to say F-it!

I have to admit, I started to feel overwhelmed the day of my wedding. I woke up with a long list of things to do that morning and started to panic. “Oh my goodness! There are a million things left to be done!” But then, as I looked around at the friends and family running around helping to make my day special I realized…I need to stop stressing and enjoy this moment! All these people are here to support my fiance and I and i’m missing it! So all those millions of details were quickly dismissed. I knew my wedding day was going to be special no matter what. I just had to let it all go and enjoy the day!

What tips kept you sane during the planning of your wedding?


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