Quick Care Tip: I Am Worthy. Repeat Daily

tumblr_mpslitx0Eu1rnfoteo1_540I watched this show called Extreme Weight-loss recently about a former cheerleader who grew up a strict Catholic. She fell in love with a man 15 years ago and gave him her virginity thinking they would be together forever only for him to dog her out and leave her brokenhearted. She lost her worth, started sleeping around with random men AND ballooned to over 300 pounds! She spend $2k/month on takeout food. She would order large amounts of food for herself but when the pizza man came she would yell “Hey guys, the pizza’s here!” so the delivery guy would think it was for a party. But it was all for her. She googled the man who broke her heart recently only to find he DIED 2 years ago which left her with NO CLOSURE, yet another blow to her self esteem.

The story has a happy ending because she lost the weight and gained her confidence back but the moral is to not let ANYONE have that much power over you. 15 years of this woman’s life was spent wallowing in her own self pity over a MAN who wasn’t thinking TWICE about her! LIFE IS SHORT. Don’t waste yours by being unhappy. ‪#‎realtalk‬‪#‎formyladies‬‪#‎mengetplayedtoo‬‪#‎knowyourworth‬‪#‎yolo‬

Extreme Weight Loss is on the ABC Channel if you’d like to tune in. Here’s more on the story… http://www.etonline.com/news/168880_former_cheerleader_deals_with_tragedy_extreme_weight_loss/


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