How to get privacy at your work cubicle

ccd40491e2ee31b1be0bff2e140b89feEver have a stressful day at work and feel like closing your door with a sign that says “Do not disturb. On a conference call.” (or some other fib! lol) Or have you ever wanted to close your office door, turn on some mellow music and enjoy your lunch in peace without having to trek down to the break room? Here are some tips for my peeps in “Cubicle Nation” who want to grab a little “me time” even though you are surrounded by half-walls, shared printers and loud co-workers on the phone. (Talk about no privacy!)

Hide your computer screen from the nosy folkshome-work-cartoon-5-250x300

Folks walking by LOVE to take a peek at your computer screen. Or what about the dude who actually has to come in to your cube and stand right next to you while he asks you a question? Talk about invasion of personal space. “BACK UP BUDDY! I’m trying to Facebook over here!” Fix this by reorganizing your desk so that your screen is not visible when people walk by. If you can’t move your monitor invest in a privacy screen which makes your screen look totally black (or blurry) unless you are right in front of it. You can always tell people it blocks glare or that its something your doctor recommended!

Yes, you can still put up a DO NOT DISTURB sign

You may not have a door but don’t let that stop you from putting up a sign that tells people to back the F away! I’ve seen folks around my office with their “Out to lunch” or “Do not disturb” signs posted and IT WORKS! Make your sign colorful and when its up make sure that you DON’T do anything work related or else people won’t respect it. Another tip is to turn your back to the entrance of your cube to further let people know that you are not to be bothered right now.

Use headphones

Using headphones at work gives people the impression that you are busy and not to be bothered. So put those ear buds in and crank up your favorite Pandora playlist!


Here are some fun pictures of how people get privacy at their cubes! Some are do-able, others….not so much. But enjoy anyway!


Have you come up with clever ways to get some privacy at your work cube? Please share!


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