What to do on a snow day?

The forecast is calling for snow this Friday and Saturday in the DC area and, as your self-care coach, I would be remiss if I didn’t give you some tips on how to take full advantage of the glorious gift from God that is THE SNOW DAY!

  1. First thing’s first, since we know the snow is coming PREPARE EARLY. Get your work done while you’re in the office so you don’t have to worry about work all day.
  2. Wear your pajamas all day. Bonus points if you have a onesie!
  3. Cook a huge, hot breakfast with all the fixins. Yum!
  4. Catch up on your reading.
  5. Enjoy a little lovemaking with your significant other….or a LOT!
  6. Make some hot cocoa.
  7. Catch up with an old friend.
  8. Post snow pictures on Instagram and Twitter and hope they make it on the news! (Might as well, everyone else will be.)
  9. If you have a fireplace, light that bad boy up!
  10. Enjoy a movie marathon. (or re-watch all the Sex and the City seasons!)
  11. Do some online shopping. Why the heck not? Enjoy!
  12. Take a nap…or two! With the snow falling outside and the warm comfort of your home inside, it’s a great time for a snooze.
  13. Forget cooking dinner. Order in!
  14. Bake something.
  15. Play in the snow! Make a snowman, snow angel or have a snowball fight!


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