Exercise Is Your Friend. Enjoy It!

I recently joined a gym…for the 10th time! Ok look, i’m no saint. I like Oreos, pepperoni pizza and pretty much anything else you put on my plate! I’m definitely not one of those “Salad-eatin’ chicks” as Queen Latifah said in the movie Just Wright. I make no apologies for my appetite but the good news is i’m starting to make changes that will benefit my health in the long-run.

At 34 years old, I can no longer sit around and eat whatever I want and hope to stay a petite 120 pounds. Those days are long gone, honey! I have to be more conscious about the things I put in my body. I drink more water, try to eat right and, yes, a sista is in the gym!

I have a pretty ambitious goal of being able to fit into a bikini by July 2016. It really makes me nervous to write that knowing it will be all over the internet! I usually don’t post big goals like this, just in case things don’t work out. So, just keep that tidbit between us, ok?

In all seriousness, I actually love going to the gym! The excitement of seeing everyone of various shapes and sizes grinding it out is encouraging. The gym i’m with now (Shout out Sport & Health!) has super supportive staff that cheer you on whether you buy a personal training session or not! (Ya’ll know what i’m talking about!)

Here are some tips for enjoying the gym:

1. Have a plan before you go.

Don’t just walk around aimlessly or BS on the treadmill for an hour. Know what your plan of attack is.

2. Incorporate group classes.

Group classes are a lot of fun! From yoga to body pump to those popular Zumba classes. There really is something for everyone. Explore what your gym has to offer and incorporate them in your schedule.

3. Treat yourself after your workout.

I treat myself to time in the sauna after every workout. I just love how it relaxes me and re-energizes me after feeling like I almost died in my HIIT class! 🙂 If that’s not your deal, enjoy your favorite smoothie or a relaxing soak in the tub. Whatever it is, make sure you only do it AFTER you get your workout in or it won’t be a treat anymore.

4. Have your gym clothes ready.

If you have to scramble to find your sports bra and sneakers it makes it easy for you to say “F it!” Don’t let being unorganized stop you from reaching your health goals. Have at least 2 sets of gym clothes and keep a bag packed and in the car at all times.

5. Get your music playlist set.

I don’t know about you but my Beyonce music playlist gives me LIFE at the gym! Make a playlist of the songs that make you want to dance and you’ll be ready to bang out a workout!

Don’t worry. This is not going to be a blog series tracking my weight loss! You guys don’t want to hear about that. I’m simply telling you that while you enjoy mental and emotional self-care activities, don’t forget about physical self-care. You only get one body so treat her well!


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