Is eating junk food worth your life?

Last night my husband, daughter and myself were watched a few episodes of My 600 Lb Life which is about women who weigh over 600 pounds and their journey to get healthy. Now, the fact that we live in a world where obesity is out of control is nothing new. However, watching those women enjoy the exact same foods I love as well was really an eye opener for me! At first I was watching the show like “Aww man that Chinese food looks good!” But as the show continued, that Chinese food started to look like a dagger in my heart! (Oh, the betrayal!) I told Mike I’m changing my eating habits IMMEDIATELY!

The most shocking part of the show is the very beginning where it shows the woman, Bettie Jo, having difficulty getting out of bed and doing the every day tasks that we take for granted, like wiping your behind. The woman couldn’t even bathe herself and her husband had to wash between her skin rolls and her nether-regions! The woman said it made her feel embarrassed. I bet it does!

My heart goes out to this woman and women in her same situation. Whether you are 600 pounds or 30 pounds overwheight its very challenging to lose weight. For me it’s about self-control. I admire how some people can set their minds to eating healthy and follow though. Me? I can declare my new healthy lifestyle all over social media and as soon as I smell pizza…diet over!

At the end of the day, I’m here to tell all the woman who love to eat that a healthy lifestyle IS attainable and you CAN do it. I joke, but I really must give myself credit. My eating habits have improved over the last few months and I’m proud of that. I still love my fried foods and the occasional Oreo cookie, but its all about DAILY choices and being patient with yourself. While I don’t expect to be eating a leaves-and-berries diet, I do know I’m making great strides towards a healthier lifestyle.

One more point: The crazy thing about the show was that it was so black and white: continue on this path, or die. So harsh! How can a slice of delicious pepperoni pizza today lead to death tomorrow? It can, it does and IT WILL!


If you’d like to watch more about Bettie Jo and the the rest of the women on My 600 Lb Life, check out this video…

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  1. It is such an eyeopener watching documentaries showing real people in different situations such as the struggles of being obese! Doesn’t make it any easier to turn down the offer of takeaways though 😭😭😭 Moderation is key 😉


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