How Tisha “wraps” herself in self-care

It was a delight to interview and feature my long-time friend and colleague Tisha Muse as February’s Spotlight. Tisha is what hard-work, dedication and perseverance looks like! She’s just the and you’re about to find out why!


So tell me about your business?739c3683-f9b0-4dd2-a7af-662d1376bf16

I have been an Independent Distributor for It Works Global since February 2014. ItWorks is a health and wellness company that promotes health from the inside out.

How does your business help women lead better lives?

Women have to be healthy from the inside out. It’s about health and wellness and not about superficial results.

So my readers can get a sense of what’s on your plate, what is a typical work day for you?

It varies depending on the goal. I reach out to new customers, my team members, and I share the business opportunity. My day begins at 6am, as I still work a full-time job. Bedtime is usually around 11 pm but that varies. I make time to grow my business outside of of my 9 to 5.

What are the main stressors in your life and how do you combat them?

I don’t have a lot of stressors. I’ve learned to decrease stress and the toxic things in my life. However, i’m still working on not spreading myself too thin. Learning to say “no” is important.

What is your favorite way to relax?

Nice, long, warm showers with aromatherapy followed by a glass of wine and some “me time” which could be watching TV or journaling. No phone. Just relax and unwind.

What does self-care mean to you?

Taking care of me physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s ok to put yourself on the priority list. It’s ok to say no.

Why is it so difficult for women to practice self-care regularly?

Hectic lifestyles. We [women] tend to not take care of us because we take care of others. We can take better care of all the people and things we need to once we take better care of ourselves.

What advice do you have for busy, stressed-out women?

Take 30 minutes every day and do something for yourself. Walk, read or call a girlfriend. You DO have time. You simply have to make time for YOU.

What current projects are your working on and how can we find you?

Currently, I’m working on leaving Corporate America by the end of the year. To live a life without limits and boundaries. My website is

Such an inspiration! Tisha is a business owner with a dream and a work-ethic to match yet she still finds time daily to put herself on the “priority list” and enjoy some self-care. That’s what it’s about ladies!

Please show your love for Tisha in the form of comments below and call her if you haven’t tried That Crazy Wrap Thing!




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