Be like fresh cut flowers

There’s something about fresh cut flowers. They can really make a room pop with life and color. I find that I smile every time I walk past the flowers on my dining room table. So I figure, if it makes me smile when i’m not feeling so fabulous, keep ’em around! (That’s how I ended up with my husband! he he)

But seriously, it’s the little things in life that bring you joy. Never forget that. Something as simple as smelling fresh flowers can make your entire day. Don’t be so stressed that you can’t find the good in life. We should all be more like fresh cut flowers.


  1. Just like you add water to a flower, add nutrients to your life in the form of love, laughter and the motivation to be better than what you are.
  2. It takes time for flowers to bloom. Thus, it will take time for the storms in your life to pass but there is always a beautiful rainbow at the end waiting for you.
  3. A flower is just dirt and stems before the buds appear. What doesn’t look like much right now just might turn out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.
  4. You never know which stem will produce the first bud. Spread the love around and abundance is sure to come.
  5. Flowers don’t always fit in the vase so you have to cut them to the right size. NOt only that but cutting flower stems is actually a good thing because it prolongs their freshness. Don’t be afraid to “trim” things in your life that don’t fit. It adds to your worth in the long run

So be like fresh cut flowers. Put yourself on display for the world to see and enjoy!




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