It’s time to start loving yourself


So I know since we are all adults we have come to think that we have a pretty good sense of self, right? WRONG! The more beautiful women I meet the more I find out that there is less and less self-love going on. Some women are just absolutely gorgeous, but when I see some of the crazy, necessary behavior they exhibit in the way they treat themselves and others, I realize that the beauty is all in the outward appearance, and I wonder, how much does she really love herself?

Unfortunately, I see this most when it comes to women dealing with men. There is no better way to tell if a woman truly loves herself then when you see her interact with the opposite sex, in my opinion. The way women just accept the terrible treatment from men is a reflection of you and is a clear indication of the lack of self-love for yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, the road to self-love does not start with getting a man to love you! If you think so I think you’re missing the point of “self-love”! The road to knowing your self-worth can be long and difficult, but well worth the journey! I challenge you beautiful ladies to love yourself, forgive yourself for anything in your past that is holding you back from greatness, and start living life to the fullest!

Easier said than done? Fair enough! Here are some great tips on how to start:

1. Visualize The Best
2. Daily Self Care
3. Compliment Others And Spend time With Good People Who Are Positive
4. Focus On Positive Goals
5. Keep A Journal
6. Positive Reflection



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