How being near water makes you calmer


Being by the water makes me feel free. It’s a time where I feel truly connected to my inner self and the world around me. Looking at the blue water, feeling the breeze, sitting on a rock or putting my feet in the sand engages my senses and, in that moment, life is so simple.

What is it about water that makes people feel more at ease and calm?

1. You can get lost in it.

Looking at the water just makes you get lost in your thoughts. It’s just you and the water. What a beautiful thing!

2. The breeze feels great.

It’s the wind is different by water! It caresses your skin as if to say “I got you. Everything is going to be just fine.”

3. People-watching makes us feel connected.

Everyone else is usually by the water for the same reason you are, to just chill and people-watch! The act of sitting and looking at strangers makes you appreciate the human existence because you see people from all walks of life. People carrying on with their lives with their own thoughts swimming around in their heads. It just makes us all feel connected.

4. It’s peaceful.

The sounds of seagulls, the smooth breeze and the sun bouncing off the water is all very peaceful. It puts us in a meditative state where we can just relax and enjoy the sights and sounds. It’s like nothing else matters as long as you are looking at the water.

I challenge you to think about how close you are to the water where you live and pay that place a visit this week. Enjoy the healing of being by the water.

Post below about your last experience by the water. I’d love to hear from you!



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