Consistency is KEY to growing your direct sales business

My #1 tip for business growth will always be CONSISTENCY! Especially in network marketing because of the low cost to join and the large amount of people who may join for the wrong reasons such as false expectations or hype.

I truly believe that if you are consistent in your business, stay the course, you’ll be successful. My advice is to do FIVE things every day that are income-producing activities to keep the momentum and eventually grow your business. 

Staying on top of doing the 5 things each day is also a great way to to diminish your stress levels as you grow your business. It’s a huge weight lifted off your shoulders to know that you need to do AT LEAST five things every day no matter how big or small. It could be:

  1. Posting to your Facebook business page
  2. Making a YouTube video
  3. Following up with a new customer
  4. Inviting someone to view your business opportunity
  5. Finding a vendor event to participate in

So if you can just commit to FIVE things EVERY SINGLE DAY, you’ll be sure to achieve some level of success. This is important in network marketing because people want to see that you are dedicated to what you do. They need to know that you’re gonna stick around awhile instead of jumping from one business to another. That’s how you build a following, a positive reputation and a long-term customer base.

Here’s my video about consistency in your businesses…


What are your tips for creating consistency in your business? Do you do the same things every day or make a weekly plan? What has been successful for you?



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