4 Reasons People Join their Direct Sales Company

The decision to join Perfectly Posh, or any networking marketing business for that matter, is a personal one and will vary from person to person. Everyone has different needs and motivation for starting their Perfectly Posh business and I’ve listed the most popular ones below. If you find yourself in one of these 4 points, you’re not alone!

1. To be a business ownerhello

If you want to be a Posh lovin’ BOSS then you’re in this category! If your dream is to make money and lead a team then you fit in this category. Those serious about making a full-time income and showing others how to do the same are the folks that will truly reap the benefits of what Perfectly Posh has to offer by moving up the ranks. Is this you?

2. To meet new people and step outside their comfort zone

Do you want to be more social and meet new people? Starting your own Perfectly Posh business is a great way to accomplish that goal because you now have a reason to walk up and talk to strangers! “Hey have you ever heard of Perfectly Posh?” That’s all you have to say to spark interest and perhaps make a new friend!

3. They love the products

This category of folks are who we affectionately call “KITnappers”. They love Perfectly Posh products so much that they want ALL of them so they sign up for a mere $99 and enjoy the discount. Nothing wrong with that at all. A girl’s gotta feed her need for Posh!

4. They believe in the Posh vision

Some people just want to be a part of something that’s bigger than themselves. They crave to have a purpose in life. Perfectly Posh is not only a business, but we have a wonderful charitable organization called You Deserve It. Through this charity we can Share, Encircle and Uplift and that spells “purpose” for those looking to do some good in the world.


As you can see, making the decision to join any network marketing company is not always about the money. There are many reasons that bring a person into entrepreneurship and i’m more than happy to help you should you decide to join the Posh family.



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