Consider a Digital Detox to Unplug

You probably didn’t even want to really read this blog post. Unplug from the digital world? Yeah right Cameo, you trippin! I know it’s hard but there are wonderful rewards if you can just go cold turkey for a little while and unplug from “the noise”. Doesn’t have to be for days either. Just a few hours can really open your eyes. Here’s a few benefits:

You’ll notice you have more free time

3 hours with no phone or access to the internet? That opens up a lot of possibilities doesn’t it? You could go for a walk, head to the gym, play with your kids or have an ACTUAL conversation with someone…IN PERSON! Yes, people still do that! I have a friend who completely shut down her Facebook page because she felt it was keeping her from spending time with her kids. She hasn’t been back since and says she doesn’t miss it!

Reduce stress

Of course this one is my favorite! Anything that reduces stress is A-OK by me! Unplugging from the digital world means that you don’t have to worry about responding to work emails, keeping up with the latest post from Kim Kardashian or the arduous task of “liking” everything your friends are doing.

Increase positive thinking

When you’re not concerned about the latest celebrity gossip, who wore what or what horrible thing is going on in the world, you’ll actually be able to just enjoy life and be happy. Whether you know it or not, the endless posts about “hood fights”, celebrity infidelity and terrorist attacks really wears on you mentally over time.

So who’s up for the challenge? Comment below if this is something you could do for at least 3 hours.

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