3 Self-Care Tips To Increase Success

Happy-Black-womanAs a serious entrepreneur that experiences high levels of stress, business activity, ebbs and flows, learning and sharing and all the other things that come with owning your own business, it’s paramount that I practice self-care so I can make sure i’m putting my health and wellness first.

1. Positive Self-Talk

You gotta talk to yourself! We tend to get in our own way and constantly reminding ourselves of our strength, worthiness and how fabulous we are is so important. It’s not just about treating yourself to a spa day or taking a relaxing vacation. Self-care starts with YOU and how you treat yourself.

What are you telling yourself?

Positive self-talk helps to reduce the negative chatter and stop us from beating up on ourselves. We can be our own worst enemy. Commending yourself for a job well done and giving yourself a pat on the back can go a long way and stop negativity in its tracks.

2. Listening to Yourself

Who knows better than you when you’ve had enough? When you’ve worked too hard and need to rest? Or when you are just fed up and need to take a breather? Your body will always tell you when you need to slow down. That’s why stress manifests into so many physical problems like headaches, body aches and loss/gain of appetite. Listening to yourself is one of the greatest forms of self-care you can practice.

3. Uprooting Unhelpful Beliefs

Our beliefs are powerful because they shape our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Most of what we do is based on our beliefs. If you have a belief that is not helping you in a positive way, particularly one about yourself, it can be incredibly detrimental. Imagine how a belief like not being good enough can negatively impact your life. Such a belief can cause you to overcompensate and be untrue to who you are. Being mindful of your beliefs is the first step to uncovering them and getting back on track to success and happiness.

The Bottom Line

Engaging in self-care activities is a conscious thing. Life can easily get in the way of what we need which is why we have to make sure we’re making daily efforts to grab the self-care we truly need.




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