Live Well

Easy ways to eat more fresh fruits & veggies this summer

Picture1Did you know that research shows more than 90% of all Americans do not eat their recommended amounts of fruits & vegetables? So while you are enjoying the season, don’t forget to enjoy your fruits and veggies. We’re all about health right? Here are a few ways to get more fruits and vegetables every day to fit into your routine. You’re welcome busy people! 🙂

  1. Cut up fruits and veggies so they are ready for quick snack; carrots
    stick and celery are good choices.
  2. Frozen grapes and sliced bananas make a cool treat.
  3. Eat raw vegetables with your favorite dips and salsas
  4. Shop at your local farmer’s market or local produce stand for a variety
    of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  5. Keep dried fruits on hand. They make excellent topping for cereals or
    snacks on the go.
  6. Try a frozen 100% fruit bar. It is sweet as well as cooling on a hot summer’s. Remember that frozen is as good as fresh!
  7. If you have kids buy the Cuties (clementines). They are easy to take along with you and let’s face it, whatever your kids eat, you end up eating as well!



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