Set an easy goal for a quick WIN in your business

Starting a new business can be pretty intense. I recommend setting an easy, short-term, attainable goal when starting out to get a quick WIN which will increase your confidence.

Here are the benefits of having an easily attainable goal:

  • Generate momentum for bigger goals
  • Gets rid of the negative “self talk” and reinforce that YES! YOU CAN DO THIS!
  • Ease you into setting other small and achievable goals
  • Continuous progress (baby steps lead to sprinting)
  • Increase motivation
  • Small goals set the bar so low, that even on your worst day you can still achieve them
  • Consistency

No matter if you are a new consultant or been in the game for awhile with little to no progress, I think this advice can help you. Just take it day by day and you’ll see results!



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