Live Well

10 Ways to Live the Good Life


Living “The Good Life” is all about holding yourself to the highest standard, taking care of your self and others and being confident enough to go after what you want.

Are you living the Posh life?

  1. Take care of your body. Eat healthy when you can, get a good night’s sleep, and exercise. Your only connection with this world is through this fleshy meat vehicle we call our bodies. Take good care of it.
  2. Overcome your fears.  Stop living life scared all the time. Conquer your fears and get on with it! You got livin’ to do!
  3. Do work you love. It’s truly sad when someone works a job they hate. Find something you love that fulfills you. We all got bills, but it’s not always about a fat check. You only have this one life. Don’t waste it doing work that you dread going to every day.
  4. Stop stressin’. This one is a biggie. Life is too damn short! If you can’t fix it, stop stressing over it!
  5. Make time for the people you love. Family and friends are the people you truly want to make memories with in life. Don’t get so “caught up” that you forget your support system.
  6. Have a dream and chase it. Having a sense of purpose makes you feel invincible and empowered. Living your dream is a truly remarkable thing.
  7. Accept constructive criticism. You’re not perfect and you don’t know everything. I think it takes a remarkable person to accept their shortcomings, admit they need to learn more and do better. Always be learning and open to learning a lesson.
  8. Eat, drink and be merry! Drink up and turn up! Life is FUN and if you’re not enjoying every minute you need to pay attention and be open to the SPICE of LIFE!
  9. Love hard. Easier said than done for some people but opening up yourself to love and all it’s beauty is, well….a beautiful thing.
  10. Be the change you want to see in the world. Gandhi said that, not me! 🙂 Treat people the way you want to be treated. The Golden Rule hasn’t changed in 100 years!


What are some things YOU do to live the good life? Comment below.




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