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Go Back to School Focused, Healthy & Rested (using Essential Oils)

Guest Post By: Lynell Shattls

The unofficial end of summer is here and our children will soon be back in school.  As this new “season” arrives, many struggle to get back to their self-care habits, patterns and schedules.  This can be a challenge after having several months to sleep in, play outside and only focus on having fun, right?  Here are a few tips to turn the tide and get your kids back on track.

Focus is key to school success

If you’re like my family, the lazy days of summer let the kids slip a bit from keeping their brains challenged on a daily basis.  To increase alertness at home, diffuse a blend of peppermint & wild orange in the morning and after school during homework time. This specific combination of oils are used to support areas such as stress and alertness and to feel invigorated and productive. Can you see how powerful it would be to diffuse oils in the home or classroom?

To support students who may have difficulty paying attention or staying on task in the classroom, we also use a “focus blend” of West Indian and Hawaiian sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense, lime, ylang ylang and roman chamomile.  Before they run out the front door, roll it on the bottoms of their feet (where we have the largest pores) and in the occipital triangle area at the back of the neck so it can hit the brain quickly.   Sounds pretty incredible, right?  It is, and that’s why I too love using this particular blend while working from home to switch gears quickly from Mom to Entrepreneur and back again!

Super powerful fact:

Within 22 seconds the essential oil molecules reach the brain, within 2 minutes oils will be found in the bloodstream and in 20 minutes essential oils will affect every cell in the body!

Take Preventative Measures

  1. A healthy prevention habit my family practices year-round is taking a superfood vitamin blend that helps support overall health and wellness. We also take an omega-3 pill daily.
  1. Worried about the super head lice strain? Spray children’s hair daily with a blend of distilled water, melaleuca (tea tree oil), rosemary, eucalyptus and cedarwood or you can put a drop of these into shampoo if this is easier for you. Knock on wood; we have not had it visit our family yet so we continue this practice.
  1. To give us immunity armor, we surround our home with a “protective blend” of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary to clean naturally (think countertops, laundry & hands) so we have a non-toxic cleaner that naturally protects our home against certain environmental factors. We use this same protective blend to boost our immune system internally (in a beadlet or gelcap) or topically (on the bottoms of the feet) daily and aromatically (in a diffuser) to support us as a first line of defense to cleanse the air.

Did you know??

Clove is basically off the ORAC scale for antioxidants?  It blows away blueberries, pomegranate and carrots to be such a powerhouse and its one of the oils in the protective blend!

Early to bed & early to rise

Start now with gradually getting your children (and yourselves) back on schedule with bedtimes.  I, by nature am a night owl, so this next tip is as much for me as it is for the kids.

  1. Our bodies need rest to stay strong and our minds need sleep to be focused and ready for the day ahead. Diffuse oils at night to calm minds and bodies for restful sleep.  If you have a child who has sleep anxiety, mix essential oils with a carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil) in a rollerball bottle so it’s easier to carry it into the skin and bloodstream.  Apply this topically to the bottom of the feet, in the occipital triangle area and on wrist pulse points an hour before bed.  This promotes winding down before the head hits the pillow.  Some favorite essential oils for peaceful sleep, calming and relaxation are lavender, vetiver, a calming blend (lavender, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, vanilla, marjoram & sandalwood) and a grounding blend (ho wood, frankincense, blue tansy and blue chamomile).
  1. Have trouble breathing while you sleep? Diffuse a blend for respiratory support and use it topically to support opening up the airways to breathe easier.  This blend includes laurel, eucalyptus, ravensar, melaleuca, lemon and cardamom.  It was a lifesaver for our preschooler when she picked up lots of new “junk” during her first year in school.  You’ll wonder why it’s taken you so long to wake up and smell the roses…or coffee, depending on your preference!

Use these healthy prevention practices year-round in your healthy lifestyle, not just when heading back to school.  One final note about essential oils is that not all brands are created under the same high standards as therapeutic grade quality oils.  Remember to read the oil bottle labels as some are not pure and may be labeled “not for internal use” or “not to be ingested” because they are not 100% pure natural essential oils.

fjfhLynell Shattls is our guest blogger and is a “retired” HR Executive.  This Mom of three left the dream to live the dream of being a work at home Mom to be involved in her young children’s lives while supporting those she works with on living a naturally supported life. Lynell regularly provides education in the Northern Virginia area and online on using essential oils to support a healthy family and home.  Contact her to schedule a class in your home or workplace on a topic such as healthy happy kids, pregnancy with oils, emotions, stress in the workplace and cooking with oils.  Lynell has a BacktoSchool Essentials Facebook class online this week from 8/25-8/31. To know more about essential oil tips and usage, follow Lynell on Facebook & Instagram @essentially focused with Lynell or email her directly at


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