Why I Joined Paparazzi Accessories

Image result for what is your whyI’m super excited about my newest business venture with Paparazzi Accessories! I officially joined on September 30, 2016 and it has been a fun, whirlwind of learning, sharing and best of all LOOKIN GOOD in my new bling!

So here’s my story:

I was first introduced to Paparazzi about 2 years ago while at convention for my other network marketing company. I stepped into the lobby while we were on a break and met the sister of a fellow consultant who was seriously BLINGING! I complimented her on her jewelry and she told me she sells Paparazzi Accessories. She gave me her card, I checked out the website once or twice and then that was it!

Fast-forward 2 years and I stumble across the Facebook VIP page of a woman who is a consultant with my current network marketing company but also sold Paparazzi. I scrolled down her VIP page and saw that every piece of jewelry she posted sold in minutes! I commented “SOLD” on 2 items  (although I had really racked up about $50 in my head!). The next day she sent me a $10 invoice for the two items I wanted and also told me that she thought I would be good at this business. (not in a “salesy” way, she was really genuine) I was NOT looking for another business opportunity at the time and was adamant about that….or so thought!

However, I could not deny the fact thpicture1at her VIP page was making some serious money…daily! I mean it was there in black and white. No fluff and no trumped-up numbers. I could SEE items being sold left and right! Before I knew it, I asked her a million questions for the next couple days and told her i’d sign up that Friday! Well, life happened and I found out my upcoming check was going to be GARNISHED! I was completely embarrassed that I could not pay the $10 invoice! But, when your check gets unexpectedly garnished, you immediately cut back on expenses. I was disappointed and so anxious to begin my journey with this new company.
By this time, I had already started to talk to my husband, friends and family about this new business and they were all on board. I even had a few people who were interested in buying as soon as I signed up! So I prayed about it, took a leap of faith and decided to start my journey despite the serious lack of funds from my paycheck that week.
The rest is all GOD because somehow I was not only able to purchase my kit and order business cards, but all the bills got paid! Things really fell into place for me and I’ve been so grateful because since then I’ve been on a mission to never let an unexpected bill turn my world upside down again. And I’ve locked arms with a great group of GOD-fearing women who all want to see me succeed!

This is my FIFTH network marketing company and i’m not ashamed to say that. I’m not ashamed to admit that for my entire life I’ve always looked beyond what WAS and aspired to work for what COULD BE. I’ll never stop trying to be great and create a better life for me and my family.

My Paparazzi business is a testament that GOD shows up and makes a way out of no way! I am faithful, grateful, blessed and HIGHLY FAVORED!

I hope my story has inspired someone and if you’d like to take this Paparazzi journey with me i’m more than happy to help you reach YOUR goals and help you realize just how much you can SHINE!


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