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What is the monthly Fashion Fix?

If you’ve been a Paparazzi Accessories consultant longer than 5 minutes then you’ve definitely heard of the Fashion Fix. Have you thought, “That’s a cute collection, but what the heck is it?” Well here’s the skinny on Fashion Fix…

 What is it?

The Fashion Fix is a pack of 25 NEW accessories that is shipped to your door every month.  These 25 pieces include FIVE Trend Blends (four pieces each) and five exclusive individual Stylist Picks. The Fashion Fix will feature new styles and designs every single month, giving those who are enrolled in the program the inside edge when it comes to fueling sales and setting trends.  While it may be tempting to keep all of these accessories for yourself, the Fashion Fix is the most incredible sales tool Paparazzi offers and can generate some serious retail profit for you!  Here’s how it works:

How does it work?

Image result for november fashion fixYour monthly Fashion Fix will be processed on the 20th of every month and shipped within the next 2-3 business days.  This means you can expect to receive your Fashion Fix before the end of the month.  The pieces inside will be available for purchase – exclusively to those who had their Fashion Fix order process on the 20th – on the 5th day of the following month (with the exception of the five Stylist Picks.  Those are ONLY available to those who subscribe to the Fashion Fix and will not be for sale anywhere else.).  For example, the accessories inside the Fashion Fix that processes on October 20th will be available for purchase on November 5th.  This gives you a head start on pre-selling the newest accessories! Everyone else has to wait until the 20th of the next month and by the time, most of the pieces may very well be sold out.

The Cost Breakdown

At the time of this blog post, the Fashion Fix is $68.75 plus tax and shipping. My total comes out to be $82.20 but it will vary for you depending on your tax rate. Your Fashion Fix order is worth 50 PV which is great because you don’t have to worry about being in “active” status while you’re on the Fashion Fix!

Marketing Ideas

When your Fashion Fix arrives, there are many ways to market your pieces. You can have a Facebook Live Preview Party, post the collections in your Facebook VIP group, send an email to your customers and display at your next vendor event. Get people excited about these exclusive pieces! You get one of each set in the Fashion Fix and can take pre-orders for any anyone else interested.  It is important that you do not take any money! These sets go fast when they are released so you want to make sure you have secured the pieces before charging your customers.
Keep in mind, the Fashion Fix is the done-for-you solution for customers who don’t know which necklaces goes with what bracelet or how to pull together a complete look. Be their personal stylist and show them how to rock their bling!

What is included with the jewelry?Image result for november fashion fix

A printed Style Snapshot will accompany each Trend Blend. This Style Snapshot should be framed and displayed alongside the Trend Blend itself. Along with each Style Snapshot, those enrolled in the Fashion Fix with receive Stylist Tip Cards for each Trend Blend. These helpful tools will highlight why each piece of the Trend Blend has been paired together, how to dress a look up or down, or hints at what accessories you could add to tweak the look that’s been created.At the end of the month when your next Fashion Fix arrives, do it all over again! Then keep the previous month’s Fashion Fix for yourself and feed your own $5 habit!


Is it worth it?

Absolutely! As a stylist, it’s your job to make sure you stay up on what’s hot and provide on-trend jewelry to your customers. Plus, it keeps fresh inventory coming in so your customers don’t get bored with the old pieces. Additionally, not every Paparazzi consultant subscribes to the Fashion Fix so offering these exclusive pieces will set you apart!

To be added to the waiting list to enroll in the Fashion Fix, please contact the Support Team at (855) 697-2727 (mountain time).


Here’s a video I did going into more detail about what came in my very 1st Fashion Fix box!

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