I’m going to Vegas Baby! 2017 Paparazzi Convention

2017 Paparazzi Convention Announced!

I’ve only been a Paparazzi Accessories consultant for less than 60 days but I can already tell that this is a trip I MUST take! Never before have I felt so compelled to be around the like-minded business women with Paparazzi Accessories! The professionalism, energy and absolute FABULOSITY is super contagious and I can’t wait to be in the same room as these wonderful people!

Most direct sales companies have an annual convention and I know that the benefits of attending are endless. The 2017 Convention was just announced a week agoand it will be in August 2017 in LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!

1. Immerse myself with my new company

There is no better way to totally immerse yourself with your company than by attending the annual Convention. You really feel like you are a part of something great and it further solidifies you as a serious Paparazzi consultant.

2. Network and training with top-level leaders

If the top earners of this business are going to be at Convention and sharing their wisdom, then that is where I need to be! It just makes sense to be in the same place as the people who are where I desire to be!

3. I want free stuff!

Let’s be real for a minute, we all know these events are chocked full of giveaways and I want to get in on that action! Who doesn’t like free swag??

4. Access to the 2017 Fall Collection

I’m in the business of selling jewelry so naturally I have a habit! OF COURSE I want to see what’s coming out! I can’t wait to get my hands on the new designs and shop inside The Preview. I may have to bring an extra bag just to shop all the new jewelry! Ha!

5. Dress up for the Black and White Gala

I haven’t dressed up fancy since my wedding over a year ago! What girl doesn’t like to put on a pretty dress and strut her stuff? I’m all in! There will be people walking the runway, photographers taking photos and a lot more! I’m SO in!


Ok so now that i’ve written this blog post and i’m super excited..

Now comes the work because i’m declaring that PAPARAZZI WILL PAY FOR MY TRIP TO LAS VEGAS!

That means that i’m going to use my Paparazzi profits to pay for my ticket, airfare, hotel and spending money. Now the real work begins and i’m SO up for the challenge!

For more info on the 2017 Convention… http://paparazzi.pulsemob.com/event/all-access/#


2 thoughts on “I’m going to Vegas Baby! 2017 Paparazzi Convention

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  1. Hello!
    I want to know more about the convention in Las Vegas – like when?
    Is registration still open? the cost?


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