3 Ways to Drop Hints for the Jewelry You Want for the Holidays

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I know the holidays are all about giving but it’s nice to receive too, right? This is a great time to receive those items you’ve had your eye on that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself. Opening gifts Christmas morning is all about the element of surprise, but let’s face it, we want what we want! So here are some surefire ways to get the bling that’s on your list this year!Β 

1. Tell your kids and they’ll do the rest

Show the picture of the jewelry you want to your kids and say things like “Isn’t that so pretty?”, “Don’t you think mommy would look great in this?” It’s a certainty that they’ll run straight to dad and tell them what you’ve got your eye on. Kids can’t keep a secret so it’s in the bag…literally!

2. Window shop with an agenda

Next time you and your husband visit the mall, stroll past the store that has the jewelry you like and “ooooh” and “aaaahh” for a moment. Say something like, “It’s been awhile since I treated myself to a nice piece of jewlery.” He’ll take a mental note and go back to the store on his own to snag it for you! After all, men are all about taking the guesswork out of gift giving, so you’re actually doing him a favor!

3. Tell your momma

Your husband is sure to ask your mom what you are interested in for Christmas. Make sure your mom knows your Wish List (include pictures so there is no confusion) and puts the jewelry at the TOP of that list!


Hope these tips help. Here’s to getting everything you want and then some this holiday season!

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