5 tips when wearing statement pieces


Statement pieces are jewelry that do exactly that….make a statement! You can wear them to jazz up a plain outfit or save them for special occasions for some added fierceness!

Although statement pieces are meant to be fun, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear them. Since I can’t have my lovelies walking around looking crazy, i’m going to hook you up with the info!

1. Less is More

Let your statement jewelry be the star of the show, but don’t overcrowd. A simple outfit, with the right statement jewelry is sure to be a show-stopper but you don’t have to wear bold pieces from head to toe. No need for a statement necklace AND statement earrings. Likewise, you don’t need to wear your huge cocktail ring with a 5 inch cuff bracelet either!

2. Make sure your hands look presentable

If you plan on wearing a big cocktail ring then you also better plan on a manicure, honey! No one is going to notice your fab ring if your hands are all jacked up! It doesn’t cost any money to buff and shape your nails or apply a nice clear coat if you don’t have time to get to the nail shop. Oh, and wear one statement ring at a time. This is not the eighties and you are not Mr. T!

3. Choose the right earrings

The earrings are typically where people miss the mark when it comes to statement pieces. They think a bold necklace and a bold earring is the way to go to really stand out and, often times, it is just too much! Consider studs or other simple earrings if you’re going to rock that bold, colorful necklace. You don’t need them and it will take away from the overall look and distract people from your beautiful face.

4. Show your wrists some love

Remember that your wrists make just as much of a statement as your neckline and fingers. A cute cuff bracelet or some bangles can really pull a look together and make for a more even look. There’s a lot of real estate between your neck and your hands so why not jazz it up with a statement bracelet?

Remember, if you opt for bangles wear all of them on one wrist, not both.

5. Not just for the fashionistas

Don’t think that just because statement pieces are bold that you have be dressed to the nines 24/7! Who says you have to dress like Rihanna to wear something bold and fabulous? Heck no! My shy and reserved sistas can wear the statement pieces as well! As long as you are feeling sexy and confident, you can totally ROCK it!


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