My Paparazzi Life!

Be More Confident in 2017


I know that everyone is consumed with their New Year resolutions like lose weight, save money, find love, get a new job, etc. However, the key to achieving all those great things (besides faith in God of course!) is CONFIDENCE! You can’t hope to do much in the new year if you are still afraid to stand out in the crowd and be seen! You’ve got to SHOW UP and SHOW OUT girl! Here are a few tips that can help…

Stop caring about what others think

A confident woman could give a flying f**k what the heck someone else thinks! Especially when it pertains to her goals, family and how she gets her COINS! The days of asking for permission or approval are OVER hunny! Get out there and do what the heck you want! You’ve got to make life happen! And stop hanging out with people who always have something negative to say. They feel like crap and want you to feel like crap too. Watch out for those confidence-suckers who get in your head and make you feel less-than.

Step out of your comfort zone

The desire to remain complacent is so easy because it’s comfortable. It’s “safe” to not speak up and “play the background”, as they say, because if you don’t make waves then you won’t rock the boat, right? However, you have to realize that, while you are extra cozy in your comfort zone, there are no changes being made for the better. You will find yourself in the same situation this time next year if you don’t start to try new things.

Image result for women who are nice rarely make history

Love the skin you’re in

I know this is a soft spot for a lot of women, myself included! You tell yourself “If I just lose 20 pounds i’ll be a BEAST!” “If I had money for nicer clothes I would go out more.” Stop telling yourself these things! How much you weigh and how nice your clothes are have JACK to do with how you should feel about yourself. Take your beautiful 20-pound-overweight-behind out and shake things up! Grab those worn out jeans, toss on some cute jewelry to jazz it up (insert business plug here!) and hit the scene sista! It’s all about mindset.

Which brings me to my last, and most important tip…

Renew your mind

There is a bitch of a critic in our heads who constantly tells us we are too ugly, fat, stupid, lonely and boring to strive for better. She is like a gnat buzzing around your ear 24/7 and she must be DESTROYED! Instead of listening to that nonsense, feed your mind with positive affirmations, books that teach you how to be your best-self, hang around people who uplift and encourage you. Kick that sorry excuse for a boyfriend who you’ve been dealing with forever even though you know you need to leave his butt– to the curb! Stay away from the things that trigger insecurity in your life and be intentional about only allowing good and positive thoughts.

Make these adjustments and you’ll soon see that, with a little confidence, the world truly is your oyster!


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