My Paparazzi Life!

Empower Me Pink was AWESOME!


I can’t say enough about the Empower Me Pink experience I had in Richmond, VA 16508208_10210077042136134_2582162696932905044_nyesterday! There was so much love, support and encouragement all around me that I couldn’t help but smile and take it all in!

I met up with two of my team members, Brenda and Tamara, at 2pm to head out for our hour and half drive to Richmond. During the drive we laughed, shared and discussed the growth in our respective businesses. It was an amazing start to a even MORE amazing day to come.

We arrived at the Westin Hotel and immediately recognized other Paparazzi consultants by the super cute jewelry everyone was wearing! These ladies were SHINING 4 real! LOL

After we ate dinner with a wonderful group of ladies, we were all so exited about the next 3 hours and couldn’t wait!

What a wonderful time to be a Paparazzi Independent Consultant!

At Empower Me Pink we learned so many great nuggets about growing our business, sharing this amazing opportunity and importantย style tips!

The highlight was getting a sneak peek at the new Spring collection of jewelry for 2017! OMG! You guys are going to FLIP when you see them!!!

Anyway, stay tuned for more exciting news with Paparazzi!

If you aren’t down with this $5 jewelry you better hop on board because it’s too good to ignore!



They gave away about a dozen $99 tickets to this year’s Convention in Las Vegas!! I’m so jealous! ๐Ÿ™‚
One of the 4 Founders, Trent Kirby
Me with Maven A-Lister, Michelle Larson Johnnie. She is so inspirational and a beautiful person!

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