Monthly Fashion Fix

January 2018 Fashion Fix

We’re kickin’ off the new year with a fashion BANG!! These are 5 of the hottest sets that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on!

Magnificent Musings Collection

This collection of glistening gunmetal accents and glassy hematite rhinestones will undoubtedly turn some heads this season! Pair with a LBD or amp up the attitude and with a black leather jacket and some distressed jeans!


Simple Santa Fe

Because of the classic look of turquoise, this set can be worn with just about anything and make it really POP!


Fiercely 5th Avenue

Perfect if you’re looking for some everyday shimmer! Great for the no-time-to-waste professionals and ambitions moms always on the go!


Sunset Sightings

This collection with this bold undertones is for those trendsetters who have places to go and people to see!


Glimpses of Malibu

We’re taking romance to a whole new level! With its flirty hot pink pearls and airy silver hearts, this collection is truly every girly girl’s dream come true!


Contact me to pre-order your set by the 5th to add these beauties to your collection! Or, hang out in my VIP group to find out when i’m showcasing these beauties LIVE!

Each set is $20 (plus tax & shipping) and include a necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings!


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