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Keeping Track of your Business

If you are treating your business like a business then you should be tracking everything you do so you can maximize your efforts. Questions like “Do I make more money from live videos or vendor events?”, “Why did my sales go down in June compared to May?” “Which month did I make the most sales?” Knowing this information puts you in the powerful position of being able to intelligently assess your growth (or lack thereof) and figure out what changes need to be made moving forward.

I use a handy Google Sheet to keep track of my Paparazzi business. I use it to track my sales and my activities. It’s been a really useful tool to help me with my business growth. Watch this video for a tutorial on how I use the sheet. I hope you find it useful!

**NOTE** Numbers shown are not my actual numbers nor are they meant to be any type of guideline in regards to PV, OV, sales, etc. They are SUPER exaggerated so just keep in mind they are examples. I am also not making any income claims.

Here is the link to the Google Sheet template It’s not editable so you’ll have to make a copy and save it. Go to “File”, click “make a copy” and then you can save it.


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