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How to Wear Leggings

If you’re like me you absolutely LOVE leggings and you’d wear them every day if you could. Well, as versatile as they are, you just might be able to wear them every day! However, there are some definite DO’S and DON’TS when it comes to rocking your leggings. They are below.


  1. Wear leggings that are see-through. No one wants to see your cookie jar! If you aren’t sure, have someone take a pic of you with the flash on so you can make sure you are in compliance!
  2. Tights are NOT leggings! Please. Just. Don’t! See point #1 as to why.
  3. Wear a short top with your leggings. Unless you are going to the club or hitting the gym, its usually not the best move to wear a short top with your leggings. You’re butt is gonna be all types of hanging out! But hey, if that’s how you get down then go for it! 🙂Image result for disney leggings
  4. Wear the same leggings your daughter would wear. If you are a grown woman I don’t want to see you in Disney leggings or any other cartoon character unless you are dressing up for some sort of theme party! A woman in her thirties has no business with princesses on her legs. Sorry not sorry!
  5. Don’t just throw on any old t-shirt and call it a day. It might just be leggings, but do your best to create a pulled-together “look”.


  1. Wear a cute fashion jewelry with leggings. You’d be surprised how much super
  2. casual leggings can be elevated to “chic” just by adding a cute long necklace, some chandelier earrings or an edgy cuff bracelet. Play around with different looks! Z7858-BK_Z9008-WH_Z21111-BK_Z12977-BK.36
  3. One of my favorite ways to rock leggings is with a cute cardigan. That is me all day every day! I just think it looks fashionable but yet is still comfortable which is very important. So definitely pair your leggings with a super cute cardigan!
  4. Add a colorful bag to your outfit. You don’t have to be so “matchy-matchy”. Switch it up with a big yellow handbag, royal blue clutch, or hot pink cross-body!
  5. Add some extra style by pairing leggings with a long blazer.  They can worn as a light jacket outside, while still remain part of your outfit once you go indoors. Just make sure its long enough to cover your “assets” to endure you have an elegant overall look.

Here’s a cool graphic to give you LOTS of style ideas for your leggings all-year-round!

Image result for wear leggings to work


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