Style & BLING

This statement piece gives me LIFE!

I LOVE a beautiful statement piece!! It makes me feel powerful, confident and “put together”! This gorgeous piece that I’m wearing is called “The Nina” and it’s my favorite from our 2017 Zi Collection. It is actually named after 2017 Rock the Runway winner, Ninoshka G. What an honor to have a necklace named after you! #goals!

I decided to wear her with a simple black dress and this cute cardigan. I like how it elevates the whole look. My style is pretty much neutral colors so I definitely use jewelry to add in my pops of color and this case, added bling.

Snag your Nina for $25! CLICK HERE

Comes with a free pair of matching earrings and a cute velvet keepsake bag to keep her protected!


About “The Nina”

Interlocking gunmetal links join into a tapered mesh down the chest. Featuring a sparkling faceted surface, glittery crystal-like beading swings from the top and bottom of the fierce palette for a hypnotizing finish. Features an adjustable clasp closure.


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