My Paparazzi Life!

I hit Life of the Party BRONZE!

My Life Of the Party Bronze certificate has arrived! That means I bought/sold over 2,500 pieces of bling last “Paparazzi year” which runs July-June in 2018. Paparazzi will reward me by giving me access to exclusive pieces every month that other consultants won’t have access to! Your jewelry lady officially has the HOOKUP!


So what does this mean basically for non-Paparazzi peeps? It means that you are working your business consistently. The more jewelry you have the more you can sell and the more successful you will be! It means I take my inventory seriously and provide only the hottest pieces to my customer friends! If you’re the jewelry lady you ARE the LIFE OF THE PARTY!

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Bronze is just the beginning of the Life of the Party levels. If you’re curious, check out the rest…

Image result for life of the party bronze

platinum.pngΒ  Β diamond.png

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