About Cameo

cropped-44953619_1913705322271898_6068937244792586240_n-1.jpgCameo Nelson has been a Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant since September 2016. After experiencing minimal success with four other network marketing companies, she was hesitant to join another for fear she would fail a fifth time. She told herself this would be the last network marketing company she would ever join and was willing to give it six months to see results.

The week she was to purchase her starter kit she found out the paycheck from her full-time job was going to be garnished. However, she wasn’t discouraged. Armed with faith and a burning desire for financial security, she forged ahead and used a payday loan to purchase her starter kit. That day her Paparazzi business was born. She was able to pay back the loan and recoup her starter kit investment within her first 30 days in business.

With the support of her friends and family, this single mother of one, soon realized she could grow a successful business. Since starting her business, Cameo has pushed her personal boundaries, expanded her comfort zone and helped other women do the same. She has achieved a level of success she has always dreamed of by growing a team of business-minded women, earning company recognition and nurturing her ever-growing customer base.

Cameo knows that life can throw you curve balls, but if you put on a smile and a cute necklace you can take on the world! Her Paparazzi business is a testament that God is always working for her good and has taught her to never give up on her dreams. Not only has she found a way to earn extra money and grow a team of phenomenal female entrepreneurs, but she also gets to share trendy and affordable fashion jewelry that makes women feel beautiful and confident. Cameo resides in Northern Virginia with her daughter Kehmia.

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