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What I learned in 2018 from my Paparazzi Accessories business

2018 taught me a lot in regards to my Paparazzi business. I tried, I failed, but most importantly... I learned. Check out this video....

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I hit Life of the Party BRONZE!

My Life Of the Party Bronze certificate has arrived! That means I bought/sold over 2,500 pieces of bling last "Paparazzi year" which runs July-June in 2018. Paparazzi will reward me by giving me access to exclusive pieces every month that other consultants won't have access to! Your jewelry lady officially has the HOOKUP!   So… Continue reading I hit Life of the Party BRONZE!

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We hit Executive Director!

We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Team Chandelier Status is an Executive Director team! That means we moved 3,000 pieces of jewelry this month!! Amazing!!! I am so blessed to be a part of a team that is positive, encouraging and MOVING! The people on my team are true rockstars and this has been an amazing journey thus… Continue reading We hit Executive Director!