You can’t make money selling $5 jewelry…can you?

The proof is in the testimonials & success stories!! Here's my video on people who are WINNING in the Paparazzi business! (which is pretty much everyone!) Paparazzi is changing lives $5 at a time and it really helping people bridge the gap between paychecks and allowing consultants to spend more time with their families! I... Continue Reading →


My 2017 Planner REVEALED! Get organized!

Organization is the name of the game in 2017, ladies! I purchased my new planner yesterday and it is PERFECT for maintaining my Paparazzi business! Here's my video on my brand new planner... Purchased at Office Depot for $49.99 but you can check out the company page at Planner: Inkwell Press 2017 Weekly/Monthly... Continue Reading →

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