We hit Crown Club 10!!!

We did it again! We hit another Crown Club level. This time it's Crown Club 10! That means that I've been blessed enough to have at least 10 consultants work their business consistently for three consecutive months! I'm super excited about this milestone because I'll get to walk the state at the 2018 annual convention… Continue reading We hit Crown Club 10!!!


I’m in the Crown Club!!

It's official! I'm a Crown Club 5 member and I got my certificate in the mail! That means that at I have maintained a team of at least 5 active "boss ladies" for 3 consecutive months and I'm being recognized as a leader in Paparazzi! That's cool, but what's even better is that the ladies… Continue reading I’m in the Crown Club!!


Empower Me Pink was AWESOME!

I AM PUMPED! I can't say enough about the Empower Me Pink experience I had in Richmond, VA yesterday! There was so much love, support and encouragement all around me that I couldn't help but smile and take it all in! I met up with two of my team members, Brenda and Tamara, at 2pm… Continue reading Empower Me Pink was AWESOME!


January Starter Kit Special!

  If you are on the fence about joining this fab business opportunity then fence-sit no more hunny! For the entire month of January, Paparazzi is adding free pieces of jewelry to the starter kits!!! Why is this fabulous? More Jewelry = More Profit = WINNING! It's simple. The more jewelry you have to sell,… Continue reading January Starter Kit Special!

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Be More Confident in 2017

I know that everyone is consumed with their New Year resolutions like lose weight, save money, find love, get a new job, etc. However, the key to achieving all those great things (besides faith in God of course!) is CONFIDENCE! You can't hope to do much in the new year if you are still afraid… Continue reading Be More Confident in 2017