OMG! We are now a Producer team!!!! And this happened on my birthday of all days!!! I'm so excited! This promotion means my team moved 6,000 pieces of $5 bling in just ONE MONTH! I am so blessed to have a team that is rockin and rollin! We are truly like a family!

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Get to Know the Paparazzi Collections

The variety of accessories available at any given time is one of the best parts of Paparazzi.  No matter your style, you can shop anytime and find something that fits your style!  While you may already be a fan of the variety of accessories, did you know that each one falls under one of the Paparazzi Collections? … Continue reading Get to Know the Paparazzi Collections

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We hit Executive Director!

We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Team Chandelier Status is an Executive Director team! That means we moved 3,000 pieces of jewelry this month!! Amazing!!! I am so blessed to be a part of a team that is positive, encouraging and MOVING! The people on my team are true rockstars and this has been an amazing journey thus… Continue reading We hit Executive Director!