Empower Me Pink was AWESOME!

I AM PUMPED! I can't say enough about the Empower Me Pink experience I had in Richmond, VA yesterday! There was so much love, support and encouragement all around me that I couldn't help but smile and take it all in! I met up with two of my team members, Brenda and Tamara, at 2pm… Continue reading Empower Me Pink was AWESOME!


Got my ticket to Empower Me Pink!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! I can't wait to go to Empower Me Pink! (It's like a mini convention) Already purchased my ticket and i'm attending the one in Richmond, VA on February 8th! Looking forward to meeting all the fabulous women in Paparazzi in my area! Plus I'll get to see the highly anticipated 2017 spring/summer collection and… Continue reading Got my ticket to Empower Me Pink!